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72f w3x free download

as the 6.72 had many bugs, 2 new maps were published in the past few days, 6 72e and today, 6 72f.;) For more information, you can use Forums.Please Dota-Blog English :)

Crap T_T freakin bug. sylla already has relic and treads at 11 mins ? You are here: free custom Map DotA v6.72f EN.w3x

In that location is this bug that when u buy and let it sit on the free it volition be multiplied into 10-15 more... Dota-Allstars 6.72f Map.DotA v6.72f.w3x (7 MB) You can download DotA 6.72f here: Download DotA 6.72fyou computer commoners make it sound like it is just to easy to rid of these bugs and other technical stuff! ! ! why not you try to learn of some programming yourself so you could get a tiny bit of idea how hard it is for the creators to make these stuff! ungrateful twats! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

IceFrog released another card on the thumb to put an end to these bugs that dominates the streak.

Theres a bug when you purchase claymore, your claymore will be 12... It occures sometimes...Dota 6.72f : Fixed a bug with Spirit Bears ReturnDota 6.72e : Fixed a major bug with Firefly whenever there were no observers in the game.Share your activity at 4shared with your friends at Twitter and Orkut.

72f W3x Free Download

I heard the final DotA map before Dota2 6 72f... News about these guys? You may automatically share this file download activity, commenting on a file, rate a file, etc. Connect the accounts now.. and sometimes the game is launched, to stop dancing...

LOL and I bought a Javelin and then suddenly there were a large number of them :) Please correct:)just ended up reading the 6.72f ai changelogs, most epic ai ever... it must have took so much time.. hats of for dev team